Plant Nutrition for Quality, Yield, Disease Resistance

Do you want to increase crop yields by 30-40 percent ? Do you want to reduce pests and disease? We can do that!

Plants need food, just like people do. Give them the right food and they will grow and produce well. Give them the wrong food, or too little food, and they wither and die, subject to pathogens, pests, and disease.

Bio Minerals Technologies helps you identify and provide the correct balance of nutrients where and when your crops need them most.

Your plants need more than just synthetic NPK to produce properly. Your crops need a balanced nutrition program that includes macro and micro nutrients as well as minerals and trace elements. In addition to the mineral nutrients, plants also need the right biology in the soil to prepare the nutrients for use. Bio Minerals Technologies understands the soil, and we help farmers work with their soils to provide the right nutrients in the right balance at the right time for plants to reach their yield potential. We can show you how!

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Our Plant Nutrition Services include:

  • Seed treatment with both biology and minerals for an optimal start to your growing season
  • Trace minerals for soil and foliar applications
  • Foliar biology microorganism applications
  • Full nutrient analysis of plants and soils for proper, balanced nutrient applications
  • Glyphosate remediation and recovery
  • We teach you the nutritional profile of the crops you grow and how best to apply the nutrients or make them available to the plants

Plants extract nutrients from all aspects of their environment, and those nutrients need to be in the correct balance in order for the plants to grow properly. Some of the more common nutrients are illustrated below.


Balanced elemental plant nutrients


Bio Minerals Technologies has studied, in minute detail, the growth cycle and nutrient uptake of some of our most common crops. Not only do we understand the relationships between the elements and the soil chemistry and soil biology, but we know how the plants use each element and when in the growth cycle it is needed. We can teach you too!

The benefits of our plant nutrition programs include:

  • Maximized yield and quality, naturally
  • Organic and mineral protection of the plant and its systems
  • Pathogen control
  • Improved plant production
  • Stronger roots
  • Disease resistance

Call us at 435-753-2086 and let us show you how to build resistance into your soils and plants!

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