Eliminate Pathogens and Pests with Chitosan

Pathogens are all around us. They are in the soil, on the seed, on and in the plant. Dealing with them is a significant challenge every season, and we didn't always know who would be the winner!

Now we do!

Over the past few years, we have discovered and tested a new chitosan-based product. The difference between the new product and previous chitosan products is the method of extraction. Our new supplier has a unique process that extracts over a broad range of chitosan strands and variations. This broad-based extraction provides significantly greater reactivity than its predecessors. Our formulation also includes Yucca extracts which assist the chitosan as natural surfactants and sticking agents as well as providing their own plant benefits. The combination of these two elements provides a powerhouse product that performs far beyond expectations!

Here at Bio Minerals Technologies, we are combining the many benefits of this new chitosan with our plant nutritional products and have seen some amazing results. It is now part of our new seed treatment protocol to eliminate seed pathogens before planting. It is combined with our Foliar Micro Boost to provide leaf-surface pathogen protection to the plant as well as stimulating the plant's natural defenses and growth processes, backed with the micro-nutrients needed to accomplish it.

The addition of this new chitosan component to our product formulations further stimulates the plant's natural defense and growth systems. These results have been directly observed by our own farmers, and reported by many other users of chitosan-based products through the years.

  • Our new formulations greatly increase plant health, reducing plant stress
  • Our new components increase both heat and cold tolerance in plants, with a significant increase in frost tolerance over untreated plants
  • Chitosan is directly toxic to pathogenic bacteria and fungi on the seed, in the soil, and on the plant
  • Chitosan stimulates the plant to produce phytoalexins and other secondary metabolites which prevent infection by pathogens
  • Chitosan stimulates the plant's production of chitinase enzymes which repel and kill attacking insects
  • Chitosan stimulates the production of chitinase enzymes in the soil which kill pathogenic nematodes and other detrimental organisms
  • Chitosan helps reduce plant transpiration by as much as 50%, thus reducing water needs and increasing drought tolerance
  • Chitosan stimulates the plant to greatly increase lignin production which increases stalk strength and aids in seed head retention

 For an explanation on how Chitosan works against pathogens and insects, go to the Chitosan - How it Works page.

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