Soil Biology - Microorganism Ratios and Balance

Soils are more than just a composition of chemicals and minerals. Good soils also have an active biology that helps prepare the nutrients in the soil for the plants that will absorb them. Unfortunately, the modern chemical approach to agriculture often ignores and ultimately destroys the delicate biological balance of the soil. In consequence, the excess chemicals degrade the long-term fertility and value of a farmer’s greatest asset, his soil.

Bio Minerals Technologies helps farmers restore the natural biological balance within the soil. A healthy microbiology is the foundation of a healthy production system!

Soil Food WebSoil microorganisms are the key to converting organic and inorganic materials within our soil into plant-usable forms of nutrients. Getting the biology right for your crops is as important as getting the minerals right! With a healthy microbiology, soils are better suited for:

  • Nutrient production through decomposition and absorption
  • Nutrient transformation for plant availability
  • Better seed germination
  • Greater root growth
  • Pathogen protection
  • Pest resistance

Our Soil Biology Services include:

  • We teach you what a balanced soil biology is and how to attain and maintain it, based on the crops you grow
  • Biological seed and root-stock treatments for better growth
  • Biological remediation for damaged or unproductive soils

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Some of the benefits of a balanced soil biology are as follows:

  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Crop residue digestion and nutrient cycling (free fertilizer)
  • Pathogen control
  • Symbiotic organisms feeding plants
  • Increasing air, water, and nutrient exchange

An example of our work is shown in the image below.

Treated vs non-treated seed results

The seeds for the plants on the left were treated with biological enablers while the smaller plants on the right were not. Improved biology provides greater growth and productivity, resulting in stronger plants and greater yields, at less expense.

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