We use Nemasan in both our seed treatment and in foliar applications, in both instances to protect against and even eliminate insects in both the soil and on the plant. When included in the seed treatment, it is very effective against wire worm, nematodes, and other soil-based insects, essentially eliminating them from the field.

  1. Seed Treatment
    (3 oz/cwt in liquid seed treatment only)
  2. Foliar
    (16 oz/acre)
  3. In-furrow
    (16 oz/acre)

Nemasan is a biological nematicide that provides effective control of plant-parasitic nematodes and other insects in the soil. Nemason is composed of 2% chitosan and 8% quillaja. The quillaja contains plant saponins which have an insecticidal affect. The chitosan helps to quickly move the quillaja into the plants and both components produce a phytoalexin response in the plant, stimulating the natural immune responses.

This product is not organic, but a similar response can be achieved by combining OI-YS and AgriQ, which are both organic.

Applications: Apply 1 pint/acre of Nemasan.

Mixing: Fill spray tank with water and add all other spray ingredients according to product labels. Buffer the pH to 5.0 or below before adding Nemasan (e.g. using vinegar (acetic acid) or citric acid). Thoroughly mix to resuspend any sediment before using this product. Add Nemasan last and mix completely to fully incorporate with the other ingredients.

Note: To drop 1 gallon of water from a pH of 7.6 to less than 5 requires approximately ¾ tsp of anhydrous citric acid or 3 T of 5% white vinegar. 

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