GMO vs Non-GMO Nutrition Analysis

In 2005, we met an excellent biological farmer. He grows conventional corn and beans for food-grade markets. He uses conventional seed and natural nutritional methods. In 2012, we crossed paths again and he told us of a recent experience that was very enlightening.

In 2012, a major food grain buyer wanted to buy our friend’s corn. They came in and took a bin sample for testing. They came back shortly for another sample because the results from the first test seemed too high, too good. The second sample was even higher than the first.

In the process of testing, our friend asked them to test a sample of his neighbor’s corn. This neighbor has followed the common regimen of GMO corn with high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N, P, K). He has been running his GMO corn the same way for 15 years. The neighbor’s corn is not food-grade.

The results are shown below. Our friend’s results are the Non-GMO corn and the neighbor’s results are the GMO corn. The difference in mineral levels (nutrition) is scary enough, but the really frightening results are seen in the Chemical, Chlorides, Formaldehyde, and Glyphosate results.

  GMO Corn Non-GMO Corn (no roundup on crop or soil for 5 years)
Availalble Energy 100 340,000
% Brix 1 20
% Organic Matter 3 44
Phosphate ppm 3 44
Potassium ppm 7 113
Calcium ppm 14 6130
Magnesium ppm 2 113
Sodium ppm 5 0.2
pH 7.5 7.01
Hydrogen meg/100 gr 0 0
Cation Exchange Capacity 3 44
Base Saturation    
   % K 0.7 9.2
   % Mg 0.2 9.2
   % Ca 5 62
   % H 0 0
   % Na 6.2 0.3
   NO ppm 2 4
   NH4 ppm 5 42
   Sulfur ppm 3 42
   Manganese ppm 2 14
   Iron (Fe) ppm 2 14.3
   Zinc ppm 2.3 14.3
   Copper ppm 2.6 16
   Cobalt ppm 0.2 1.5
   Molybdenum ppm 0.2 1.5
   Boron ppm 0.2 1.5
   Selenium ppm 0.6 0.3
   Carbon ppm 2 60
   Chloride ppm 10 1
Anaerobic Biology ppm 60 0
Chemical Content ppm 60 0
Chlorides Content ppm 60 0
Formaldehyde Content ppm 200 0
Glyphosate content ppm 13 0
Positive Traits    
   Aerobic biology % 1 100
Test Weight (lbs/bu) 57-58 lbs 61-62 lbs

Formaldehyde has no safe level in food, at all. After hurricane Katrina, replacement housing was evacuated because the formaldehyde levels were 0.3 ppm. The GMO corn is at 200 ppm! The glyphosate, at 13 ppm, is also toxic. This grain is not only toxic, it is deadly!

We presented these results to our friend, Dr. Don Huber, and he explained how the genetic alterations in the GMO plant actually alter the nutrient pathways and chelate some of the specific minerals. The altered plants are not able to unload the formaldehyde that naturally occurs within the plant processes, so it accumulates in the seeds and tissues (as seen by the test results).

The results of these tests graphically illustrate the nutritional differences between conventional seed with biological farming practices and their GMO and chemical counterparts. I want the biologically farmed, non-GMO corn in my diet, as well as the diet of any animals within my food chain. Based on these tests, the GMO corn we sampled should be destroyed and should never come in contact with humans or animals in any way, shape, or form!

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