BMT Super Foliar Garden Blend

Growing plants need lots of nutrition throughout their lifespan. Healthy soils can provide a great start with good ongoing support for the plants, but almost all plants can use a boost. Just like people periodically need nutritional supplements for optimal health, so do plants. Our BMT Super Foliar Garden Blend provides those extra nutrients that make the difference between good plants and Great Plants.

BMT Super Foliar Garden Blend is a special combination of plant-soluble minerals and nutrition designed specifically to be absorbed through the plant leaves. This includes minerals, enzymes, amino acids, growth stimulators, vitamins, antioxidants, and more! When applied regularly throughout the growing season, it maximizes the plant performance and health by providing the right nutrition at the right time.

Just as people need balanced nutrition for a healthy life, so do plants. Healthy plants have strong and active immune systems, helping them resist disease. Healthy plants that are nutritionally complete actively repel insects (insects like weak plants). Healthy plants also grow healthy food, with a full complement of nutrients designed to give your body maximum benefit.
Give your plants the nutrition they need to reach their full potential while increasing both the quality and quantity of your harvest.

How to use

Spray a fine mist of BMT Super Foliar Garden Blend, diluted at a ratio of 1 oz/gallon of water, directly onto your plants at least twice/month during the growing season for maximum health and production. (For very young plants use ½ oz/gallon of water.)

Where to buy

You can purchase BMT Dry Mineral Garden Blend directly from Bio Minerals Technologies at our Logan, Utah warehouse. If you would like your local greenhouse or garden supply center to carry it, have them call us at 435-753-2086.

For best results, you should start your plants and seedlings with a sprinkling of our BMT Dry Mineral Garden Blend.

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