BMT Dry Mineral Tree Blend

Healthy trees start with healthy soil. You can’t have one without the other, and healthy soil is much more than just fertilizer. There are many components to a healthy soil, and they are all important. Healthy soil consists of a balance of both microorganisms and minerals, with organic matter and other nutrient sources. A well-tended soil can grow healthy trees, year after year, without the need for extensive artificial chemical additives or pesticides.

BMT Dry Mineral Tree Blend contains a proprietary combination of natural microorganisms, organic material, and naturally-derived minerals, especially trace minerals. We focus on 70 or more trace elements, with the necessary biological microorganisms required to bring the minerals to the trees. Our trace minerals activate and control the critical defense and repair systems of the tree, leading to greater disease resistance and natural pest control mechanisms. Healthy trees don’t attract detrimental bugs.

While minerals are essential for the trees, almost all minerals in the soil are insoluble and are not available for the trees to use. The only way for trees to access the minerals is through the soil’s biological elements. That is why we include live microbes in our Dry Mineral Tree Blend. By augmenting the soil’s existing biology with our additional microbes, we improve the biosphere within the tree’s root zone. The reinforced biology digests more minerals, makes them available to the trees and increases the tree nutrition and health.

Greater nutrition for the tree, healthier growth, healthier fruit, healthier you. It’s that simple!

How to use

Apply 1 pound of Dry Mineral Tree Blend for each 1” of trunk diameter (e.g. 8” trunk = 8# of Tree Blend). Put the Tree Blend below the soil surface, surrounding the tree, between the trunk and the drip line. The microbes will proliferate in the root system, digesting the minerals and releasing them again in a form the trees can use. Application should be made in the spring and the late summer.

Where to buy

You can purchase BMT Dry Mineral Garden Blend directly from Bio Minerals Technologies at our Logan, Utah warehouse. If you would like your local greenhouse or garden supply center to carry it, have them call us at 435-753-2086.

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