Probiotic and Minerals Supplements

Why Probiotics?

It has been established that up to 70 percent or more of our immune system originates in our gut. The human digestive system is a complex ecosystem comprised of millions of active microbes. It is their job to break down and convert the foods we eat into the elements and nutrients our bodies need. If this system is disrupted in any way, our immunity is compromised and we are more susceptible to illness or disease. The right gut microflora keep us healthy while the wrong gut microflora can make us sick.

Beneficial microbes always produce beneficial substances such as nutrition, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, hormones, growth regulators and many other wonderful compounds t hat nourish us and keep us healthy. The metabolites from these beneficial microbes can heal damaged tissues in our digestive system, repair cells, regenerate organs, even reverse and prevent disease.

On the other hand, pathogenic microbes do NOT produce nutrition. They always produce toxins, poisons, and compounds that destroy our gut and intestinal lining. This causes gut and digestion problems, destroying natural systems designed to keep toxins out of our body. When these toxins bypass those natural barriers, they enter our bloodstream and destroy cells, overwork our immune system, drain our energy, destroy organs, cause disease, and even affect our mental and emotional well being.

Maintaining a healthy and beneficial gut microflora is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to maintain our health and vitality. It is also the easiest thing we can do to reverse a lot of different minor ailments.

In today's environment, there are many factors that adversely affect the beneficial microbes in our digestive system. We routinely consume preservatives in our food, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs, and then there are the residual chemicals from farming and processing, even in the raw ingredients we purchase that are part of our diet. Most of these artificial chemicals are harmful to the beneficial microflora. Consuming these chemicals reduces the population of beneficials, and some of them even stimulate the populations of the harmful microflora (the pathogens). 

In addition to the chemicals we routinely ingest (even when we are careful), our diet itself can affect the balance of microbes in our systems. High levels of sugars, sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol can and do alter the critical balances of microflora, increasing the pathogenic microbes over the beneficials.

So how do we balance out the detrimental environmental effects of today's food systems? We supplement and replace our gut microflora regularly through probiotics. By replacing and reinforcing the benenfical microflora balance on a regular basis, it strengthens the largest portion of our immune system. The reinforced immune system helps to protect us from the toxic influences of our daily environment. By taking a probiotic supplement, we will be healthier, stronger, and less susceptible to the disease around us.

Bio Minerals Technologies sells SCD human grade probiotic supplements. These are the best and most effective probiotics we have been able to find. We use these same microbes to reproduce our livestock probiotics as well.

What about Minerals?

 Just a word about minerals. The Good Lord made our bodies out of minerals, or "dust" as it is called in the Bible. Minerals make up our body's parts and minerals also help to run our bodily functions. Every day, our body repairs and replace millions and millions of cells. We must have minerals to do this. Also, the beneficial microbes in our gut need minerals so they too can function and work on our behalf. 

Many of the minerals we need are no longer in our foods in sufficient quantities to meet our requirements. That is because the soils that grow these foods have become depleted over the decades and most of those minerals have not been replaced. 

Taking a daily supplement of these critical trace elements provides our body's internal systems and the beneficial microflora with the inputs they each need to function fully. Our Bio Mineral 75 liquid supplement has 75 or more different minerals that provide the tools our bodies need.

The right dose

How much of these supplements do you need? It really depends on your size and your system.

For full-grown adults (150-250 lbs), the recommended dosage is:

SCD Probiotics - 1 Tablespoon/day (1/2 oz)

Mineral 75 Liquid - 2 Tablespoons/day (1 oz)

However, when you first begin supplementing, it is best to start small, at 1/3 the recommended dose, and work your way up to the full dose. 

For smaller adults, you may want to target only 1/2 dose, starting even smaller and working your way up.

For children ages 2 to 12 start with 1/2 teaspoon per day of each and work up to 1 teaspoon of protiotic and 2 teaspoons of minerals.

How do I take them?

We always recommend taking the supplements with food to prevent an upset stomach, and we don't recommend taking them at night. The minerals tend to activate your body and can keep you awake. The best time is to take them in the morning just before or after breakfast. Many people mix them with juice to hide the bitter taste while others just swallow a shot and get it over with.

Where do I buy them?

To purchase your supplements, you can contact us directly at 435-753-2086 and place your order. 

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