Probiotics for greater livestock health and performance

We have all heard of the health benefits of Probiotics for humans. Probiotics flood the digestive system with good bacteria, boosting our immunity and our ability to properly process food. The same holds true for animals.

By giving probiotics to the livestock, we can increase health and vitality, reduce disease, improve feed utilization, increase performance, and put more dollars in your pocket.

The results are striking and quick to see:

  • Faster animal growth and quicker to market
  • Healthier animals with less disease
  • Greater fertility
  • Fewer abortions and deformities
  • Healthier newborns with lower mortality rates
  • Reduced feed costs

Modern farming practices have depleted much of the nutrition from our feed crops. They are full of structure and form, but little nutrition. In addition, the crops are bombarded with toxic chemicals in the ongoing battle with plant disease and pests. Many of those toxins remain in the plants or grains when they are fed to the animals. It is no wonder our livestock population is constantly sick, with production maintained by antibiotics and artificial stimulants. We can fix the crop problems, but that will take time. In the interim, we have a direct solution with proven results for your livestock.

Bio Minerals Technologies provides critical probiotic and mineral supplements designed to replace missing essential minerals and digestive microbes to your existing food sources. Our solutions create a proper microbial balance within the animal's digestive system. In addition, we provide trace minerals that work with the good microbes to actually create the additional metabolites from the foods they eat, even if they are not present in the plants. With a full complement of nutrients and metabolites, your animals will be healthier, grow faster, and make better use of the food you do have. We have producers that have reduced rations up to 30 percent or more without compromising growth or weight gain, while at the same time increasing health and reducing disease pressure (lower vet bills). All by supplementing probiotics for better digestion.

We also have great success when giving the probiotics directly to newborn animals. We inoculate their digestive systems immediately with the good bacteria so the bad ones never have a chance to get established. This practice virtually eliminates scours and other intestinal infections from calves, lambs, piglets, and chicks, greatly improving survival rates and increasing growth.

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