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Concentrated animal operations create unique challenges: nutrition, health, and waste. Bio Minerals Technologies has been helping cattle, swine, and poultry producers meet those challenges for years while adding to their bottom line through improved feed utilization, reduced waste, increased animal health, and reduced mortality. Look at our solutions listed below, or Call us at 435-753-2086 for custom solutions to your operational challenges.

Bio Minerals Technologies has been improving livestock results for many years. 70 percent of the immune system is in the digestive system. By feeding probiotics and trace minerals, we see faster weight gain, better feed utilization, less disease, greater health, and a stronger bottom line. Spend pennies and save dollars!

Bio Minerals Technologies provides the following animal nutritional products:

  • Naturally-cultured probiotic feed supplements
  • Micronized mineral feed supplements

Check out some of our specific solutions below, or Call us at 435-753-2086 for specific solutions to your challenges.



Fermentation is the process of using anaerobic biology and time to break down complex carbohydrates prior to consumption. Good fermentation "predigests" the forage, reducing complex structures to simpler and readily digestible compounds, and eliminating any pathogens that might be present.  The end result is two-fold: greater amounts of both nutrients and energy when the animals eat it, and the benefits of the good probiotic bacteria that were used in the fermentation. Easier compounds to digest, and better biology for the digestion.

Bio Minerals Technologies has been fermenting forages for over ten years, with great success. We can help improve the biological conditions in your silage pits for better, sweeter silage, and less odor. We can teach you how to ferment high-moisture forage in bales for a product your animals will love (we've heard of cows climbing onto the trailer to get at it). We can even show you how to salvage rain-damaged forage, eliminating pathogens and releasing the nutrition in otherwise useless cuttings.

Bio Minerals Technologies fermentation products include:

  • Natural fermentation cultures
  • Micronized trace minerals for enhanced fermentation and nutrition

Call Bio Minerals Technologies today at 435-753-2086 and let us help you start or improve your fermentation results!

Fodder can be a useful dietary option for many operations, but it comes with its own challenges. BioMinerals Technologies has worked with numerous farms and several fodder growing systems to help them improve their fodder results. Read the articles below to see what we have done and call us at 435-753-2086 to see how we can help you!





If you have animals, you have waste. It comes in various forms, solid and liquid, and we can help you deal with it all. Bio Minerals Technologies helps you put the right biology in charge of your animal waste. Instead of putrefaction and toxins, we have decomposition and digestion, resulting in beneficial plant-available nutrients with much less odor.

Bio Minerals Technologies provides the following waste management solutions:

  • Naturally-cultured anaerobic toxin reducing and fiber decomposing culture (pits and lagoons)
  • Compost tea solutions for aerobic decomposition (compost)

Call us at 435-753-2086 and let us show you how turn your waste into food for your plants and your fields.


Most agricultural operations produce significant amounts of organic waste, especially livestock and poultry operations. There are multiple methods of dealing with your waste, but the most effective method is to convert it to a nutritious soil input...Compost. If you don't need it yourself, good compost can provide a secondary revenue stream while also providing high-quality inputs for your suppliers.

High-quality compost is not a random process. With the proper inputs and processes, you get a nutritious and beneficial soil amendment, full of beneficial microorganisms. Without the proper inputs and processes, you get foul odors, toxic compounds, and pathogens. Don't leave your compost to chance. Check out the solutions below and then call us at 435-753-2086 and we'll help you create a soil amendment that truly nourishes your soil and your plants.

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