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At Bio-Minerals Technologies we leverage nature to help you solve your soil, crop, and yield problems. We have solutions to prevent diseases, strengthen plants , replenish soils, and increase performance and yields, thus improving your bottom line. Our solutions include targeted diseases such as Goss's Wilt, Fusarium, and other plant pathogens. We also have restorative solutions to rebuild soil fertility and increase crop yields while reducing disease and pest pressures. 

If you are struggling on your farms, whether with plants or soils, call us! We can help.

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Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides...For years, farmers have been "poisoning" their soils in the name of fertility and artificial crop yield. The truth is, most chemical solutions are nothing more than short-term band-aids, requiring more chemicals to maintain the same yield. They may provide temporary solutions, but the underlying nutritional debt just keeps getting bigger. Stop the band-aids and start the healing! Bio Minerals Technologies will show you how to restore your soil's natural fertility for greater sustainable yields with far fewer toxic inputs.

"The soil is the point at which the assembly lines of life all take off." (Dr. William Albrecht, PhD)

At Bio Minerals Technologies, we understand the soil. We understand the balances required in both composition and biology, and more important, we know how to restore those balances. We can help your soils recover from their chemically-induced sterility, revitalizing them through natural biology and trace minerals. We have the understanding and the tools to jump-start the natural processes once again, replenish the trace minerals, and restore your soils to their natural strength and vitality.

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Do you want to increase crop yields by 30-40 percent? Do you want to reduce pests and disease? We can do that!

Plants need food, just like people do. Give them the right food and they will grow and produce well. Give them the wrong food, or too little food, and they wither and die, subject to pathogens, pests, and disease.

Bio Minerals Technologies helps you identify and provide the correct balance of macro, micro, and trace nutrients and we help you place them where and when your crops need them most.

The articles below show you how others have benefited from our plant nutritional solutions. Each solution is tailored to the crop and field that needs it, though some of our solutions have shown universal results. Call us at 435-753-2086 and let's see how Bio Minerals Technologies can improve your yields and your bottom line.

Many agricultural operations have become chemical dependent over the past decades, and it keeps getting worse. For each new problem (often caused by previous chemicals), there is a new chemical "solution." It is time to stop poisoning our fields, crops, and customers. Bio Minerals Technologies can help you reduce the amount of chemicals you have to use, while giving you the tools to greatly reduce and even eliminate your chemical dependence.

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